A Remembrance of Enid

by Barbara Mishkin

I was chugging away in the pool at my aerobic exercises when I turned to greet a new member of our group. As you must know, it was Enid. We continued to increase our heart rate and loosen up our joints – while keeping our hair dry, of course. The more information we shared, the more amazing were our connections. After a little while, and a lot of splashing, our mutual love of and connections to the Berkshires and to Smith College and to classical music and good eating and even home cooking became apparent. Shortly after that first damp meeting, we met Gene and Enid as we were all walking toward a chamber music concert here in Philadelphia. It was the beginning of a warm and wonderful friendship between the four of us.

We frequently shared a meal (either “in” or “out”) and Enid and Gene were even able to visit us at our home in the Berkshires when she was doing “business” there. That was in the summer of 2006.

In May of last year, I had lunch with Enid and Melanie just a few days before we left for our six month stay in Massachusetts. Enid was making progress in her latest recovery and said that she hoped to be able to get back up to see us in the summer. Both she and Melanie seemed to be in good spirits. A few days later we were out of the city. Our summer was the usual busy one and it was August before I realized that I had not heard from her. I was too cowardly to call. When we got back to Philadelphia in October, a mutual friend told me of Enid’s death.

Knowing Enid was a privilege that I will always remember. I had looked forward to many more evenings with the Marks and ladies’ lunches and even some damp pool encounters. She is sorely missed.

Barabara and Mark Mishkin