A Remembrance of Enid

by Jane and Chuck Potash

I can't remember how many years have gone by since I first met Enid but I do know that I felt an instant connection with her that made me feel as though I had known her forever. She was so warm, so quick to laugh, so smart, so talented in everything she did that I knew immediately I wanted to be her friend. Chuck and I not only admired and loved Enid but we also felt the same way about Gene. These two people were so perfect together that it is hard to imagine one without the other. When I look back over the years of our friendship what stands out the most in my mind is Enid's caring and concern for everyone close to her--her husband, her children and her friends. The last year of Enid's life was such a struggle to live that I was astounded by her courage. She never complained and always seemed so hopeful, so sure that she would get through this nightmare that I too wanted to believe that she could. But in the end of course she couldn't. The last time I saw Enid was when I visited her in the hospital a few days before she died. We talked, both of us with tears streaming down our faces. She told me with a certain calm and resignation that she could no longer allow her family to suffer and that the time had come to enter into hospice. Chuck and I miss Enid so much and talk of her often. She will always be in our thoughts and how lucky we are to have known her.

Jane and Chuck Potash