A Remembrance of Enid

by Claire Owen

I first met Enid in the early eighties, as a student in a class I taught at Philadelphia College of the Arts, now the University of the Arts. It was a Saturday morning class in their adult education program; a class in simple book structures. I taught some basic binding formats, discussed typography, fine press books and general approaches to the hand made book.

Along with Enid were two of her friends in the class, Merle Spandorer and Vivian Bergenfield. There were others in the class, but these three women, each with their own book project in process, really kept me hopping, literally between them for the whole three hours of the class. Each of them continued on in their studio careers, but Enid was the one who whole heartedly embraced this wonderful medium

Enid and I stayed in touch, sharing our mutual interest in book arts. Our paths would cross at book related conferences and exhibits, and I attended her lovely annual luncheon of interesting, creative women.

Her work is simply exquisite.

She shines as an example of what can be achieved by exacting craftsmanship, fierce intelligence and a keenly creative eye on all the details that go into producing books.

She became an example for me on how to demand of myself the highest standards in craft and content. I will miss her presence in the community of book workers as a professional, and more so as a friend.

Claire Owen