by Dennis Mullen

When I first began working as a web site developer for the University of Pennsylvania Library there was a wonderful collection of books on display in the Library's exhibit space. When I asked the curator of our department about them he said "Oh, those are by Enid Mark." He had planned to develop a web site for her but hadn't really gotten started yet and asked me if I would like to do it. And then he added "I think the two of you would get along really well." Truer words were never spoken. I agreed to work on the site and went out to Wallingford to meet Enid for the first time. Our collaboration lasted for about three years. During that time I felt truly blessed to be working with someone who was so talented, graceful and loving. She was new to the world of web sites and would constantly remark on my patience in working with her and I would always reply that it was a pleasure. I meant it every time I said it and I only wish that I could have the opportunity to say it to her again. She is much missed.