In appreciation of Enid Mark

A Remembrance by Ed Colker

Enid and I shared several commitments in a not-too-large universe of artists and collectors devoted to the arts of the book and particularly the creation of new experiences and settings for works of poetry.

Enid's handsome portfolios of women poets are distinguished by the firm belief (we discussed many times) in always honoring the text. That means presenting the language of the poet by the artist/designer in a way so as to heighten the dual inspiration and discovery.

Most often Enid called on forms from and in nature evoking time and essence while striving for an elegant completion.

We made a number of exchanges of work, and happily I have several of Enid's dazzling folios.

She was a supportive and encouraging colleague and friend. Her pieces will remain astonishing and richly rewarding in conception and beauty for new artists and readers to come.

Ed Colker