A Remembrance of Enid

by Harriet Abroms

Nearly each day, when I walk into my Living Room, the first things I encounter are two of Enid's early books: The Bewildering Thread and An Afternoon at Les Collettes. They rest on a beautiful bookstand, made to house them, by woodworker, Jack Larimore. I treasure having both books. They are tangible memories of Enid.

And, in the summer, as I walk through my garden, the fountain is surrounded by Lady's Mantle, I can still hear Enid's voice, when she called years ago, while working on Botanica: "Harriet, can I come by some morning, after it rains, to photograph the Lady's Mantle?" She wanted to capture that special way the raindrops sit in small groups, on each of those lovely pleated leaves. A few days later, Nature helped, Enid came by and took photos, and we had one of our many visits together, chatting about art, music, gardening, cooking, travel ... we shared so many passions.

How I miss Enid, her warmth, caring, her visits to the shop, (sometimes with her mother, Miriam along) when I owned Turtledove. There was always an easy flow between us. I am thankful to be surrounded by some of the things she loved and created. When I look through her books, work in my garden, cook some of her recipes, Enid will always be with me.

Harriet Abroms