A Remembrance of Enid

by Elinor and Herb Finkelstein

My husband and I owned Globe Travel Service in Phila for many years. About thirty years ago a couple came to see me at the Chestnut Hill office for travel advice. Since they came all the way from Wallingford on a recommendation, I was very impressed. But Enid and Gene impressed me even more with their wit, intelligence, and caring natures. They were a joy to know at our first meeting and we never changed our minds about them.

It was always a pleasure to work with them, but my greatest pleasure what what Enid taught me about art, poetry, and the combination of both in her beautiful and unusual bookmaking. What a thrill it was for us to view her work at variety of exhibitions including the Royal Library in London. It was always a delight to hear her talk about her children with such pride, to meet their friends, and enjoy Enid's food. I regret that when Enid was so ill my husband, Herb, was also very ill and I was unable to be the friend she deserved.

I so admired this woman who was widely read, full of talent, full of fun, full of energy, attractive, and a good cook to boot. I miss everything about Enid. In short I miss my friend who, as busy as she was, always offered a patient ear.

Enid's fruit compote is really good and still good if you cut down amounts or even eliminate some ingredients. Do try this recipe and remember Enid more sweetly.

Elinor Finkelstein

Enid's Fruit Compote
1 lb pitted prunes 1 lb dried apricot 1 pkg Dried Fruit Mix 1 lg can pineapple chunks 1 can dark pitted cherries 1 jar cherry pie filling 1 1/2 cups red wine (Passover wine works well)
Combine all ingedients, place in oven proof baking dish, cover tightly with foil, bake one hour in 350 degree oven. It will serve a large crowd and is good warm or cold.