Enid the Matchmaker

by Libby Newman

Enid and I became friends 45 years ago when we were both students of Sam Feinstein, a former student of Hans Hofmann. We would meet for lunch and dinner with our husbands and enjoyed a close and caring relationship.

In 1985, my husband passed away and after a respectable time Enid took it upon herself to find me another mate. She called with an exciting idea. Enid said I should join THE BOOK LOVERS CLUB and sent me an application. I had many calls and met many book lovers. I was sorry to report to Enid that the men were without question BOOK LOVERS but that was all. Very disappointed, Enid said she would have to think of something else. One day, I called her and said, I had met someone I would like her and Gene to meet. So they met Herm. Enid took me aside and said, "Libby, Marry him!" I did. Now that's a true friend!

Enid, we love you and miss you.

Libby Newman

[Note: In response to my asking, Libby mentioned that "Sam Feinstein was a well-known artist and art teacher who taught in Philly, Princeton, Manhattan, and Cape Cod. He graduated from the Philadelphia College of Art. Hans Hoffmann is very famous and taught art on Cape Cod." - Peter]