Memories of Mrs. Mark

by Lorelei Roberts

Mrs. Mark was my high school classmate Melanie’s Mum – and I greatly admired her.

Coming from a family of artists myself, visiting Melanie and her family was a delightful experience. At the time, I was very busy with simply growing up while also growing and honing my own repertoire of fine arts skills. I would never have imagined the impact that Mrs. Mark had on my life so many years later … My love for Intaglio, book illustration, and creating a working studio much like hers would be essential to my own key objectives as an artist.

Mrs. Mark always cordially welcomed me into her beautiful home and made every event that Melanie and I experienced quite special. From dinner parties to shopping, I noticed her sharp attention to every level of detail, her family’s appreciation for beautiful music and art, and an open heart to someone like me.

Like my own Mum who died too young, I miss Mrs. Mark’s delightful smile and engaging conversational style. And I only wish with all of my heart that I could share my thoughts with Melanie.

Lorelei Roberts