A Remembrance of Enid

by Merle Spandorfer

I can't remember when we actually met but Enid and I have had some incredible experiences together. We took a bookmaking class together with Claire Owen at the University of the Arts. Every Saturday for an entire semester on Saturdays Vivian Bergenfeld, Enid and I would schlepp downtown and learn the art of bookmaking. It was the beginning of Enid's journey as a book-maker. The other students in the class soon dropped out because of the intensity of the three of us freaking the other students out with our energy, questions and demands. I felt so sorry for the teacher who was so sweet and mild to have the three of us overpowering the class and her. But it did change our lives and I would never have taken the class without Enid urging me to do this. The book I made as a result was purchased by MOMA and the Whitney Museum.

The three of us, Vivian, Enid and I went to several Southern Graphics council Conferences ... in Texas and Arizona. We had a ball going to lectures, out to dinner and just learning new techiques in printmaking and laughing all the time. We made a special side trip to Lubbock, Texas, birthplace of Lyndon Johnson, stopped along the way at antique shops, lunch etc.

When Enid started her bookmaking as a career, I introduced her to Tim Shessley, a master lithographer, and that was something I hold special in my heart because I feel I was a small part of the masterpieces that they produced.

BUT most important of all was how Enid helped me through my breast cancer ordeal. She was there for me in every way. She was exactly what I needed to get me through with her cheerleading, words of wisdom and being a role model. She told me over and over how she jogged during her treatment and that I would be a survivor too. I will never get over what she did for me and as a result my breast cancer was no big deal.

Enid Mark was not only a great artist but a great friend and I miss her terribly. It was a blessing to have her as a part of my life.

Merle Spandorfer