Memories of Enid

by Merrie Morris

Dear Peter,

I would like to add my memories of your mom. She was really an inspiration to me regarding my art. I always loved making art, painting, drawing. I specifically took a class in printmaking at the Wallingford Art Center because your mother inspired me. As a matter of fact, my BFA is in Printmaking and my MS in Textile Design is in print design. I am sure that your mom had something to do with my passion for creating and expressing in print. I remember when she gave a print of the Wailing Wall to my parents. I always loved her colors and her sense of design, her early works are very dear to me. I also remember that she was always generous with her time and knowledge. I once had a project due in High School and I just couldn't get it quite the way I wanted it. Enid helped me ... she was an "aunt", a mentor and my friend. I would often see her at the gym, she always was in great shape and I admired her ambition. She had great style, a beautiful smile and boy, was she a great cook! I remember all of those special Thanksgiving dinners at your house! Of all my mom's friends, Enid was my favorite cook. I have baked her fruit cake several times as well as her biscotti ...

She was so disciplined in so many ways. I envied the fact that she could just ignore the phone ringing while she was working, didn't even wonder who was calling! I didn't master that until recently. But, when I am working from home and the phone rings, and I ignore it because I am working, I think of Enid and I smile. I miss seeing her in town (I'd often bump into her on the Square), I miss seeing her on the cross trainer at the gym, I miss talking to her about the Rosenbach Museum, I just miss her. She was one special woman. She will forever be in my thoughts and my heart.

Much love,