A Tribute to Enid

Hello and welcome to AboutEnid.com, a tribute to Enid Mark. Shortly after she died, it occurred to me that a fitting tribute to her would be to collect reminiscences from her friends, relatives, and associates in the art world. I contacted everyone in her address book and shared with them this idea of creating a tribute to Enid based on their recollections. The form and length of each contribution could be open-ended. It might be anything: a humorous anecdote, a poignant story, a poem, or just some observations and thoughts. The recollections may have taken place any time from their first meeting until the time they last saw her. Anything distinctively “Enid.” This website is the collection of these remembrances. Each name to the left is a link to that person’s contribution.

Enid’s career as a book artist is well-documented on her professional website The ELM Press. Daniel Traister’s comments here give a critical assessment of her contributions to the world of artist books. Sarah van Keuren’s and Claire Owen’s remembrances detail how she started working in that medium. Enid collaborated extensively with poets Eleanor Wilner and Susan Stewart; their remembrances detail their working relationship as well as their warm friendship. Those who knew Enid in school (Eric Lager, classmate from the High School of Music and Art and Smith College classmates Maralyn Segal, Kay Finney, and Ann Mandel) provide perspectives based on friendships spanning over six decades. The remarks of my father, sister, and myself are the eulogies we delivered at her funeral; they contain more biographical details and anecdotes of family life. Collectively, the entries speak of Enid’s intelligence, sense of humor, creativity, generosity, and warmth.

Incidentally, in addition to her artistic accomplishments, Enid certainly knew her way around the kitchen, as many of these remembrances attest. She was very happy to share her recipes, so I welcomed her friends to include any she had given them. Those names followed by an asterisk include a recipe.

My father and I extend our sincerest appreciation to all who contributed their thoughts and remembrances to this site, and more importantly, who extended their friendship and support to Enid throughout her life. Your warmth and kindness brought her great comfort and joy, and she cherished you as you did her.

Thank you,
Peter D. Mark

p.s. If you would like to add your memories of Enid to this site, please contact me: peterpost.harvard.edu.