A Remembrance of Enid

by Zola Bryen

I was introduced to Enid, not personally at first, but through her art. I was working with corporate art consultants who placed her work in corporate settings throughout the region. (This was in the late '80's.)

Enid's pieces were beautiful, and I was happy to present them to corporate executives who placed her prints on prominent walls throughout their headquarters.

Several years passed before I met her personally. We were at a brunch of mutual friends when I was introduced to Enid and Gene. I told her that I felt like I'd "known" her, having been a fan for so many years.

With Enid, friendship was instantaneous. She embraced me as if she'd known me forever. Immediately after our initial introduction, she included me on her guest list ..... whether for her annual soirees for artists (I'm a ceramist), or for friendly gatherings.

Though Enid and I had our unique relationship, my husband, Eric, was also one of her greatest admirers. It's impossible not to include Gene, a gentle giant in his own right, as part of our constellation.

Here is how Eric and I remember Enid: She was passionate, generous, loving, exquisitely talented, exemplified in everything she "touched," keenly intelligent, productive, determined, curious, conscientious, energetic, and undaunted. Eric and I regarded her with admiration and respect.

Enid was WONDROUS.

Zola Bryen